The M15mmoneyApp is an app for your smartphone that allows you to pay in your own local currency. Why? Because a local currency (whatever the name is), used to pay for goods and services within your own local community flourishes worldwide. This is a proven fact. In addition to the app on your smartphone, consumers are able to pay with smart cards and with real coins. All payments are covered with silver, so you will pay with and own a currency with a real value. A value which can become more valuable even. For now we start with "The Guilder" in The Netherlands; the GuldenApp. Everything that concerning legal background is investigated and it appears that all we want is completely legal throughout Europe as long as brought on a regional scale within separate communities. All our currencies exist on a one to one scale. So for instance: one "Your Pound" = 1 Pound Sterling. The Pound and the Euro haven't the silver backup all our currencies do have. 1 of our coins costs 0.95 of the National currency (Pound/Dollar/Euro). So to start with you save 5% as the buying value is one to one.

The MoneyApp is sustainable:

  • Why sustainable? Sustainable because that what stays within a community and/or is sold or bought within a community means less transport of goods and people. So more employment within the community Even better: our currency does not contaminate the economic traffic as The Euro and/or Pond does (see the deficits, the deceipt and corruption and the "old boys network"). Not to mention all the other disgusting matters;
  • Socially our currencies have a solid specially added value: no empty stores, more employment etc.;
  • Products are cheaper for the buyer while the retailer does not notice that;
  • Customers spend their (new) money mainly at small business which means: more jobs, good for the economy as a whole;
  • The currencies we use now face a deminishing trust. We represent a new beginning.